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(aka Nick of the Woods)

Nick Gordon, owner and lead guide for NOW Outdoors helps people gain skills, experience, and confidence to enjoy the outdoors. He teaches wilderness recreation courses at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Wilderness first aid/first responder courses for the SOLO School of Wilderness Medicine. He also designs custom courses for groups and organizations.


A passionate winter enthusiast, he “suffers” through summer leading backpacking and canoe trips in the upper Midwest. (Shhh… he secretly loves these almost as much as snowshoeing and winter camping!) Throughout the year, Nick can also be found leading mountain treks in Nepal and Peru, cultural immersion and survival trips in Canada, Cambodia, and the Amazon jungle, and exploring remote regions in search of new landscapes, new challenges, and new wonders. He has a seemingly endless supply of curiosity in the most remote parts of the natural world and in meeting and learning from those with the deepest connections to the wilderness.


Nick can be reached at


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Kelly McDermott 

of A Path Less Taken is a travel junkie, never “home” for long before on a quest for a new passport stamp (30 and counting!). Her passion is encouraging women to step outside their comfort zone, giving them tools to face their fears, and travel the world on their terms. From day hiking the Tongariro Crossing to a few nights on the Inca Trail or being bribed with chocolate to Everest Base Camp, she combines her passion for travel with wilderness adventure and will never say no to a local brew. Based in Milwaukee, she gives the occasional talk on travel planning and women’s solo travel, designs adventures for groups and solo travelers, and adds to her never ending bucket list.

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