Beaver Dam River – Beginner Whitewater Paddle

May 25, 2019

Beaver Dam, WI

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GREAT NEWS EVERYONE – We are now getting official regular open to the public water flow adjustments from the Great City of Beaver Dam WI. on the Beaver Dam River! It took a couple of years but we are here – Woot woot! Ask and you shall receive!

Advanced>>>Beginner Level
Need to be experienced on moving water and be able to read currents and dodge rocks in moving water.

Check out this video from last year –

WARNING: THIS RUN CAN BE DANGEROUS AT HIGH LEVELS! Please do not think you can go and run this anytime the levels are all over the place.

Take advantage of this great contribution to the paddling community from the City of Beaver Dam. They will be setting the flow to a great paddling level for this run.

We will meet at Annabell’s Ice Cream Shop and launch across the street through the fence at the auto repair shop. You can prep your boat on the grass through the fence. It is part of Cotton Mill Park. We will be setting up the shuttle at 10AM so don’t be late. It should take about 2 hours to make the run.

This is the best run I have found for many miles in any direction. Great opportunity to learn a little about WW paddling. Lots of sporty splashy spots.

You also have a choice of put-ins:
The biggest wave is just below the bridge at Mill st. You can go and look at it and if it looks too big, you can start at Cooper St Park. (The river and Cooper St.) Some love the WW thru town and some don’t so they start at Cooper St. You will not be alone. Just get ready at Cooper and jump in when we come by! It is a less skilled run from there on down.

We have an alternate run if mother nature does not comply with our plans.

ALTERNATE ROUTE: Meadow rd. to Well rd.
If we can not run the first section we will run the section from Meadow to Well Rd. I will post a shuttle and more info if needed.

Sorry, no small children or pets on this one. No glass containers or alcohol while on the river. BYOB, Paddle and life jacket. (life jacket required on)

10:00 AM shuttle cars to Hwy J
Put in 10:30am

Annabelle’s Ice Cream Shop on Google Maps

Take out Hwy J ETA 12:30 to 1:00 PM.

Link to Shuttle map

Gear list:

Canoe or kayak (Not a good run for fancy boats you will get scratches unless you are really good. 🙂
Paddle and spare
Life jacket
Water and snack

Link on Meetup –