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We offer outdoor education on a range of topics from Campfire Cooking to Wilderness Survival. If you or your group is interested in a specific topic, or would like to explore a class catered to you, please contact us.

Some of our past offerings...

Intro to Backpacking

In this outdoor adventure class, students will learn how to properly prepare and execute a successful backpacking experience in the wilderness.  Through hands on demonstrations, students will learn about modern backpacking gear and lightweight techniques.  This course concludes with a weekend trip to a wilderness location in northern Wisconsin. Students will set up their own camp sites and practice new skills in the field.

Advanced Backpacking

In this high adventure program, students will incorporate ultra-light techniques and advanced outdoor knowledge culminating in a 4 day wilderness-backpacking experience.  Students will be encouraged to experiment with different gear, modify tools, and share tips and tricks they may discover during the course.

Intro to Winter Camping

No bug spray needed for this exciting cold weather course.  Learn techniques and skills to camp comfortably and enjoyably in cold Wisconsin winters.  Through hands on demonstrations and group exercises, students will prepare for a 2 day wilderness camping experience where they can practice their skills in the field.

Advanced Winter Camping

Students will learn how to properly prepare and execute a successful weekend camping experience in deep snow country.  The class will travel from the parking area to the objective sites on snowshoes or cross-country skies with all the equipment carried in a backpack or pulk sled. The building of snow caves will be strongly recommended; tents are ok too.  Cooking will be conducted over the campfire.

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