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9th Annual Wisconsin Frozen Butt Hang

January 10, 2020 - January 12, 2020

NOW Outdoors
Join us for the 9th Annual Wisconsin Frozen Butt Hang!

This annual group hang is organized once again by Nickofthewoods of nowoutdoors.org

Ideal for snowshoes, igloos, big fires, ice fishing, ice sailing, bushcrafting, bacon cooking, and of course lollygagging!


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Sign up on the Spreadsheet  Click HERE
Links to Google Maps and Hike-In Directions are all on the spreadsheet

The Wisconsin Frozen Butt Hang, with the exception of last winter, has always been a challenging “pulk or toboggan towing” trip. We like to get waaay out there and really test ourselves and our gear. We’ve been lucky enough to have some of the coldest temperatures the Midwest has to offer and routinely have among the coldest of all winter hang events. Except last winter. Way to own that cold MN!

Where: This year we will be back in the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest near Boulder Junction WI. I will arrange to have a parking area plowed for us near the Escanaba Trail parking lot.

The Route: We will cross 1-2 lakes based on conditions. Head north on Escanaba Lake and take the portage trail to Lost Canoe Lake then head to the west and over the portage to Pallette Lake. The end of this portage is camp site 6 and this is where we will hang. Travel time will be roughly 1-2 hours, again, depending on snow conditions. Most of this will be over wind blown lakes and portages. The hiking trails in the area are groomed for Cross Country Skiing Only. Do not use the hiking trails. You should plan on using snow shoes or skis on this trip. The area is made up of mixed hardwoods and the site has a picnic table and pit toilet (these may be buried) The south facing site overlooking Pallette Lake has numerous large trees to accommodate LOTS of hangers. We will plan to hike out using a shorter route about 1 hour on Sunday.

This event has always been a celebration of the coldest weather we can hope for. This event is not recommended for beginners with little to no experience camping in the cold. That said, there are lots of other opportunities for beginners to dial in there gear before the hang. You can contact me at info@nowoutdoors.org for info on some beginner friendly trips i’m hosting here in WI.

Caution: Camping in sub freezing temperatures can be Extremely Dangerous and IS NOT the best time to try new gear for the first time (ex. stoves, tarps, boots, sleep system, etc). It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with new equipment before taking it to the field. If you have any questions regarding your current gear or clothing, I would be happy to help.

Here are some videos from the 2019 Wisconsin Frozen Butt!


January 10, 2020
January 12, 2020
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